2020 AISSAC Seminar - Panel Discussion
Contributing towards Engaged IS Scholarships: Experiences & Initiatives

Panel discussion- Monday 14 September 2020: 13.30 – 14.45

Through engaged scholarship, we can strive to repair the damaged social networks of our individualistic society. We can also foster and enhance a sense of community and belongingness amongst participants, as well as respect for and tolerance for diversity. There could be a deeper awareness of societal concerns, and a strengthening of ethical values through volunteerism and civic engagement.

Tertiary institutions and NGO partners could work together to pursue this goal.  

The aim of this panel discussion is to discuss and unpack the vision, goal, expectations and challenges of these stakeholders, as they engage in various activities to address the inequalities of the past. We also aim to improve and identify initiatives that could allow us to achieve our common goal of having a meaningful and impactful engaged IS Scholarship. 

Questions to be addressed by the panel:

·     What does engaged scholarship mean to you?

·     In your opinion, how do tertiary institutions contribute towards engaged scholarship in 2020? Do they contribute?

·     What are your expectations of the various stakeholders that you collaborate with while partaking in engaged scholarship?    
      (tertiary institutions if you are an NGO partner / NGO partners if you are from an academic institution) 

·     What challenges do you experience while collaborating with various stakeholders to promote engaged scholarship? (resources?, buy-in? commitment?)

·     Are there any unintended Consequences (good or bad)?

·     What is the way forward? How should we design our future initiatives?

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